Star Wars: Uprising


The first official game from the new trilogy


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Star Wars: Revolution is the first official game set in the Star Wars universe for the new trilogy that opens with The Force Awakens. It takes place between the defeat of the Emperor in Episode VI and the subsequent resurgence of the Empire in Episode VII.

It's an action game where you control your character by touching the screen, completing missions where you defeat all the enemies that come your way. It's like something between a traditional hack-and-slash and an MMO. You'll also have to complete side quests to improve your equipment by selling items on the black market or even interacting with other players in cooperative missions. Your ranking depends on the different sectors of the galaxy and the prizes you get for finishing first in the periodic rankings.

The game's cartoon aesthetic resembles that of the MMORPG The Old Republic, although it's also reminiscent of the animated series Rebels. At the beginning of the game, you can create your own puzzle hunter by selecting a species and a few aesthetic options, though you can also have more than one character at a time. Star Wars fans will recognize plenty of locations and items in the game, visiting iconic places like the ice planet Hoth and Endor Moon, home of the Ewoks.

There are also additional features that can be unlocked as you play, though you can speed this up by purchasing the in-game currency for real money via the in-app store. Other than that, the game is completely free.
By Raúl Rosso

The game needs 1.38 gigabytes of free space on the device.